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It’s the end of August, 2018 and this morning I was furiously typing away in order to make my August writing goal of increasing my wordcount by 18,500 words. To some this is laughable, but for me it took every shred of effort. I told myself: If you are done by 11:35 you may eat cake. I was in one of my favourite café’s and the cakes were looking divine.

I did it, I was quite early in fact. Now, there’s rough and there’s rough. But the biggest challenge for me seems to be getting words on paper. Perfectionism? I have the fear of writing it down.. committing to an idea. That constant nagging thought ‘It’s not good enough.’ It’s excruciating. And the silliest part is, I know you should ignore it and write anyway. I could teach someone else how to do this novel writing business no problem. But to follow my own advice is another matter entirely.

I felt that for August I set the bar pretty low with my goal, knowing I would be away on holiday and it’s way harder to get in the zone on a family holiday, despite all good intentions. I did some writing while I was away. Check out the view from our apartment in Sankt Johann in Tirol in the Kitzbühel Alps in Austria. To die for. But there was that part of me that just wanted to drink coffee and chill and look at those mountains, rather than grappling with this bad boy. I do love the idea of going on a writing retreat, a sabbatical of sorts where I get the book done. But would be terrified I would do the same.. procrastinate and look at the views. Now, that’s a little harsh, I don’t always procrastinate. I do get stuff done. Pats on backs where they are due, but I do like to stay vigilant and to know that getting words on paper is not always as straightforward as it seems. And it seems very straightforward. To me at least.

Catch up Time

I had planned to have my first draft done by end of June, 2018. That is a manuscript of around 80,000 words that I could call a rough start. I’m still almost 20,000 words short, so perhaps September is to catch up to that goal and get 80,000 done. The one thing to be conscious of that I learned the hard way this month is when you delete entire scenes this costs you words also. Sounds obvious, but can be very disheartening when you see your wordcount going down instead of up.

One thing I would love to know, perhaps you can help me, is how authors get over the doom feeling of ‘where is this going??’ Is it just me? Does anyone else get that? I certainly have got it in much smaller projects of short stories. And what I learned is that persistence pays. Just keep writing. I could use a Dory GIF just now but I wouldn’t like to infringe any copyright. You get the idea though. What? Who is Dory???

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