Okay, it’s time to regroup. It’s Tuesday Morning, the first in April. I had set a deadline of the end of June for my first draft, with a specific word count to achieve weekly. I was doing that, and then I re-discovered the Snowflake method by Randy Ingermanson. It seems like the perfect idea. The seat-of-the-pants style writing has severe drawbacks and has failed me in the past more times than I care to remember.

Seat-of-the-pants writing is just going for it, without creating a plan or structure beforehand. Some very famous writers, notably Stephen King, write this way very successfully. There is no right or wrong way, only as an aspiring writer you need to find the way that works best for you. I like the idea of this style, as I like being led by characters, who start to come alive. Wake me up in the night, get in my head. Tell me what to do. But it simply hasn’t worked in the past. I’m approaching forty and I have never finished a fiction novel using that method. Maybe the Snowflake is my answer. It’s the planner that allows flexibility. You can go back and change things if the characters don’t agree with you. You are not in a creative straight jacket.

This morning is a writer morning. I will get out of the house, into either a library or lately a café. Away from home, to write. As any writer-mom will know, there is always something more pressing to do at home, even when there is no one in it but you. Out in a café, just you and the laptop and not asking for the Wi-Fi code.. it’s just you and the book. If you mute and turn data off the phone of course.

I finished the Snowflake method book yesterday. In the car, on the way back from a lovely family outing in picturesque Killarney. Now there is NO excuse. Get on with it. I’m going to buy an A4 folder with plastic pockets inside and get cracking on the character bibles. I got as far as Step 6 though which is writing your long synopsis.

I will print off what I have, after checking it over today, and put it in the folder. The magical folder. The magical book to teach me how to write. The magical story board….. arghhhhhhhh. Just get on with it. Stop talking about it. Just do it.

Writing Goals for today:

  • Review all of the steps so far of the snowflake 1-6

  • Buy folder

  • Print off what I have so far and put it into the folder

  • Brainstorm and jot down any more ideas or breakthroughs

Goal for Finishing the ‘First Draft’ Snowflake of my Book = 30th of April 2018.

Goal for complete first draft was 30th of June, I will have to review this goal at the end of May, to see if it’s realistic and if it needs pushing out further.

Another Goal for Today, somewhat related to writing, in an indirect way = 30 minutes exercise. It really helps with ideas and clearing the mind. It’ll have to wait until the afternoon, but it must get done.

Here is a photo I took yesterday, in the middle of nowhere, on a very kindly tolerated photography diversion by my family. Tell me the story you see in that?!

Happy writing, and thanks for reading this much of my ramblings,


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