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Who is Susan?

I’m currently redrafting my first novel a commercial fiction adventure set in India touching on themes of spiritual awakening, mental health and family. I have a non-fiction book out called  ‘Angel EFT,’ which is available on Amazon. You can browse some of my short stories here. I write a blog here. It’s about spaceships. Just kidding. Not usually. Follow me over on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Medium too.

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Be Mine

Be Mine Drama short story © Susan Browne 2019 Bob has loved Donna all his life. Now she is in a nursing home, but he hasn’t given up, and finally, he has nothing to lose. NYC Midnight challenge, 2019: Drama / Nostalgia / A chauffeur It is a frosty morning in Hyde...

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Climate Change – what can I do?

Climate Change – what can I do? There’s an elephant in the room. Our climate is not just changing but it’s breaking down and people don’t want to talk about it. I want to talk solutions. Stuff we can do. Stuff that makes a difference. I sometimes wrestle with black...

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The Taste Tester

The Taste Tester By Susan Browne © Susan Browne 2017/2019 Callum has taken up an unusual job opportunity, keeping a paranoid elderly author safe from poison. I’m lying here, curled around my dream girl like a c-shape. My lips rest on the crown of her head. We fit...

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