Books by Susan Browne

My Current Work in Progress

At the moment I’m working on a commercial fiction book. I’m at the redrafting stage, and hoping to be finished soon.

Shane (22) from the west coast of Ireland goes missing in Goa. His younger sister, Aedín and Nan steal away to try and bring him home since his parents aren’t doing anything. This book explores issues including mental health and the stigma and denial that goes on, kundalini spiritual awakening, the father-son relationship, travel and in the beautiful setting of Goa that I got to travel to again lately for research purposes.

To get a taste of my fiction work, be sure to stop by at the short stories page. Kettle on, and enjoy. I’ve shared many of my short stories here. Some are published, and some were written in response to the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction and Short Story Challenges. Nothing like a tight deadline to get you writing. 

My First Book

My first book, Angel EFT is a self-help, Mind, Body and Spirit book and was published by Dragon Rising Publishing in 2016. It shows you how to use Modern Energy EFT (tapping) in combination with angel meditation exercises. Find out more about Angel EFT over at angeleft.com and at the Angel EFT YouTube channel.

Here’s a pic of me doing a little book tour in California in 2017.  

What People are Saying About ‘Angel EFT.’

“As I read Angel EFT it became very clear that tapping can be used to ameliorate any situation from personal problems to emotional and physical healing to spiritual advancement. I loved this inspirational book that blends two well-loved themes together, and I highly recommend Angel EFT to help people and animals in every way possible. Yes, it really works.”

Diana Cooper, International Bestselling Spiritual Author and Speaker

“I have just finished reading Susan’s book and it is amazing… fascinating and inspirational… I would highly recommend getting a copy as you will keep referring to it as there is so much wisdom and insight on different topics. All Angel lovers will absolutely adore Susan’s book. Angel EFT will appeal to those who work with energy also. For people interested in Angels they will love it as it is very comprehensive and easy to follow. A beautiful book written by a beautiful lady.”

Ann Byrne, Amazon.co.uk customer