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Who is Susan?

I’m currently redrafting my first novel a commercial fiction adventure set in India touching on themes of spiritual awakening, mental health and family. I have a non-fiction book out called  ‘Angel EFT,’ which is available on Amazon. You can browse some of my short stories here. I write a blog here. It’s about spaceships. Just kidding. Not usually. Follow me over on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Medium too.

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A Nice Place to Die

© Susan Browne 2019 Shortlisted for Words by Water short story competition in October 2019. The judge's comment was: "A gripping read, the reader is taken on an undulating wave of emotions with the main character."   The cat is missing. It's not here waiting for its...

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Mindfulness for Writers

The Mindful Age There has been an explosion of mindfulness in recent years. Everyone has heard of it. It's the first time anything of its kind has been embraced by the medical field in western society and it's helping people of all walks of life. To me, mindfulness is...

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The Hero’s Journey by Siofra O’Donovan

The mapping of your heroic plot To plot or not to plot? Guest Blog by Author and Writer Coach Siofra O'Donovan If you're struggling with plot and you feel a little put off by Stephen King's premise that plot is all artifice and that the character should lead your...

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