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Who is Susan?

I’m currently editing my first novel – young adult genre; a travel adventure touching on themes of spiritual awakening, mental health and family. I have an MBS book out called  ‘Angel EFT,’ which is available on Amazon. You are welcome to read my short stories here, some of which got lucky and were published. More still were written as ‘NYC Midnight’ challenges and other short story competitions in various genres. I write a blog here. It’s about cats. Just kidding. Not usually. Follow me over on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Medium too.

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Magical Mysuru

Magical Mysuru Introduction to this Blog Series: 7/3/19: It has to be a good year. I’ve already been to India and it's not even St Patrick's Day. I’ve walked the golden sands of the Goa beaches, swam in the warm Arabian Sea, felt the wind in my hair as I drove a...

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Balls By Susan Browne © Susan Browne 2018/2019 Clara has moved to a Greek Island and lives alone. She would love to get her ex back, but she never imagined he would fall into the trap so easily. Well, what would you do? I find him at the side of a dirt road,...

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The Candidate

The Candidate By Susan Browne © Susan Browne 2018 A Flash Fiction Thriller. Josh is desperate to get work, on the verge of being kicked out for not having the rent. On finally getting an interview somewhere unexpected and bizarre, he is subjected to a test he hadn’t...

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