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Susan Browne is a fiction writer, and the author of the self-help book ‘Angel EFT,’ (Dragon Rising Publishing, 2016).

Susan’s short stories have been published in Woman’s Way Magazine and in 2019 ‘A Nice Place to Die,’ was shortlisted in the Words by Water Competition. She is represented by Ger Nichol, The Book Bureau.

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Praise for Angel EFT

“Angel EFT is a very powerful technique I was really surprised at the way my energy quickly felt clearer. Yes, it really works.”

Diana Cooper, Bestselling Spiritual Author and International Speaker

“I love the enriching way this enjoyable book integrates tapping with angel work. This opened me up to possibilities I hadn’t considered, and I found numerous approaches that I am trying in my own work.”

Brad Yates, EFT Master, Author and YouTuber

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Follow me to Paradise

Follow me to Paradise By Susan Browne  Dearbhla half closes her eyes and peeps at her reflection in this palatial bathroom of mirrored walls and sumptuous white towels. Her pinkness morphs into mottled skin. Blue creeps into the lips. Membranes rupture. She blinks...

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Some Tiny Stories

Written in Spring 2020 © Susan Browne 2020 Tiny stories are fun for writers, both beginners and experienced, to enjoy the buzz of creating a whole project with a start, middle and end quickly. I highly recommend them. This month I decided to set myself a challenge of...

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7 Tips for Finishing Your Novel

From Procrastination to Celebration I've been trying to write a novel since childhood. For some reason, it was much easier to write my first book (non-fiction) than it has been to complete my debut novel. But I'm done - whoop!!! And I'm celebrating today with a blog...

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